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A Service Depot Station for Electronic Musical Instuments.

Service Repair:

  • Warranty
    • Warranty repairs are usually repairs of manufacturing defects and are done per manufacturer's stipulations. This work is usually done within a certain time period from time of purchase. Most manufacturer's require the original purchase receipt and the serial number of the unit being repaired.
  • Non-Warranty
    • Non-Warranty repairs are normal wear and tear of internal electronics that need replaced over the life of the unit. These repairs require a deposit put down that is justifiable for the type of equipment being repaired and the scope of the repair.

Refurbish Repair:

Refurbish Repairs are done on units that require parts that are no longer available from the manufacturer, or are over a certain age and require parts from another scrap unit. Estimates are usually done for these repairs before any repair is started, as parts do need to be obtainable and the unit not too delicate to repair.

Parts Request:

Additional add on parts can be obtained from the manufacturer that are not easily accessible to the customer. However this does not include internal electronic parts that need to be professionally installed.

Special Order Repair:

Special Order Repairs are repairs that require parts that need to come from out of the country or need to be obtained from some place other than the manufacturer. As these part orders require more time to find and obtain the parts, additional charges may apply.

Service Call Repair:

Service Call Repairs are for units that cannot be brought into The Music Repair Depot LLC and need to be repaired on site. Depending on the repair, more than one Service Call may be necessary and each Service Call has it's own specific charges.

Rush Service Repair:

Rush Service Repair are for units that need to be repaired with a quick turn around. Rush charges do apply and this may not be applicable for every unit due to the extent of the repair and the obtainability of the parts needed.

Damage Service Repair:

Damage Service Repairs are for units that have been damaged unneccessarily. This may be due to lightning damage, unit abuse from mishandling or from things being poured or dropped into the unit. Because of the type of damage, additional charges are added due to the fact of it not being normal wear and tear.